Sunday, June 04, 2006

more like the lion pansy

I watched part of "The Lion King" last night. Here are some observations:

*In that one part where old Simba is laying down looking at the stars, a cloud of dust floats up in the air, and yes, it most definitely spells the word "sex."

*Somehow, JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and his wascally voice does not pose as much of a threat to girls liking him over me anymore. I think I can safely assume that Brigitte does not prefer an 11 year old boy portraying a tiny, adorable (and I mean ADORABLE! Especially when he's a little baby lion and the monkey thing puts some coconut stuff on his forehead.) lion. Or does she?

*This movie is chock full of metaphors and allegories on life that I never picked up on when I was 11 and saw this movie. Maybe it's because I was so preoccupied with my hatred of Simba. Or, more appropriately, JTT.

*Darth Vader is Simba's father? Worst/best casting choice ever.

*Aladdin is still way better, as it contains none of that "message" crap.


Unspar! said...

Aladdin has a message. The message is genies are funny. And be yourself. And monkeys are also funny.

nicole said...

It really says SFX, like "special effects." It was bad judgment by an animator, since now that's the only thing our generation will remember!